Saturday, January 14, 2017


They elected Trickster — Why?
Trickster pays no taxes
And gets elected President. 
He makes deals and breaks them. 
Trickster complains vociferously,
And does the same to others. 
He lies, and he lies about lying. 

Trickster sets the odds but never bets; 
He is the casino that looks like your goldmine. 
You hope to make a saint of Trickster
The way you hope for the final judgement:
To get back at others who rule
Your little life of hidden rules 
And crooked laws. 
You see the real important people
Take you for a fool and all your money. 
But you have Dear Trickster
Who will take America into
His own plane. 
And fuck you for his humiliations;
So don't look down on Trickster
Or his tricks will get worse for you. 
Trickster will straighten you out. 
You won't trick Trickster anymore. 
He will wipe the slate clean 
And the law books. 
And then he'll have broken all the rules
Because rules are meant to be broken
And only a fool can be separated
From his money. 

Trickster has a herd of lawyers
To get back at people who use lawyers.
Trickster makes our eyes big
With his big trick bag and tower. 
He wows the surprised public
And all the well-paid news people. 
Tricky Dick Nixon was Trickster,
And he opened China, broke into
The Democratic National 
Committee office. He had tricks,
An enemies list, a secret plan
To end the war by making it bigger. 
This Trickster will do that tricky
One better. He will close China. 
China is big and Trickster can do it. 
Trickster is clever. You can't say
Trickster is not clever. 
He may look dumb,
And dishonest,
But trickster evades the rules of the rulers
And runs the table. 
Trickster seems gross,
Because he wants to gross you out. 
Grossed out, you are predictable
And thus Trickster's fool. 
Trickster will win where intelligence
Runs like a narrow corridor 
To the North Pole of global warming.
Trickster will trick science, too. 
Trickster doesn't play politics
With bathrooms. 
Trickster tricked his way into college. 
Isn't that college the original trickster?
The common men you have contempt for, 
these red hat voters,
Tricked your college along with Trickster;
The diplomas were given out
But the money went to him. 
Take a deep breath with Trickster
And feel his pain. The outrage. 
The anger. The humiliation. 
Exorcised by gold and mirrors. 
Exorcised by rants, by tirades.
Excoriated victims whither away
Locked in their little logic,
While Trickster fixes everything
Just fine. 

John Sevcik

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