Saturday, December 1, 2012

Art in the World

Art in the canvas before you
Art in the field of life
Art in the trees and the sun
Art in the melody of cicadas
Art in the blue of the sky
Nowhere the same
Art in the painter’s hands
Supporting and moving
Art as the dance of the eyes
Art so we see together
Art that brings day into night
Art of the magically inspired
Art of the stumbled upon
Art that doesn’t yet know
The name it will own
Art never made for the money
Art without parents or friends
Art as the world is given us
Art in the shadows and light
Art in the color of pigment
Art when you cannot imagine
It will ever come through you again
Art as a privilege of living
Art as an illness
Art as the thing held apart
Art that no one understands
Art after school after work
Art for the other in you
Art in the mystic order
Art that includes all of us
Art that finds the human
Art that is soul
Art, free and of freedom
Art given up as a gift.

John Sevcik